We carefully and persistently work to the highest levels on behalf of our customers and colleagues


We show honesty and strong moral principles, both as individuals and as a united team


We treat our customers, colleagues and partners as we, ourselves, expect to be treated.


We accept the obligation, both as individuals and as a team, to account for our activities, take responsibility for them and disclose our results in a transparent manner

Company Overview

Zenith Business Solutions is a service and support provider in the Information and Communications Technology industry. We provide comprehensive world-class solutions and services to mid-market businesses and industries as well as specialist solutions and services within enterprises.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is aimed at ensuring that we have a complete understanding of your existing infrastructure, a clear focus on your business and budgetary requirements. We help you reduce expenses, streamline operations and ensure business continuity. We achieve this through listening to our clients’ needs, being flexible and available, and adapting our new and cutting-edge technologies and global best practices to our clients’ specific environment.

How we Work

Before talking technology, we focus on the business problem and the client’s needs, to understand where we need to create value. We use collaboration approaches like Impact Mapping and the Business Model Canvas to map out the landscape and create synergy between the different teams.

Our Team

We believe our strength as a business is derived from the talents, ideas and experiences of our people. We know that an inclusive workplace is one where all employees are valued regardless of difference, have access to the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential, and invest in themselves.

Our team believes in transforming ideas in to great experiences. This is backed by the company management that helps them to innovate, develop and deliver.

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